Big Sale Buyout!

I am sorry for the pitiful picture. I am in a hurry and didn't want to mess with Photoshop.

 Last year I contacted the folks that hold this huge charity sale and asked if they would be interested in selling the leftovers. They had just loaded the donation truck & sent it away but took my number. They said they had a whole U-Haul truck load left over & they would love to sell it next year.  I wasn't really expecting them to keep up with my info for a whole year.

I got the call a couple of weeks ago. The sale is this weekend and they wanted to know if I was still interested. OH YES, thanks! I will have to rent a U-Haul but am excited even though it is the worst possible timing. My dh is supposed to be going out of town. No way I can load & unload a whole u-haul by myself. Thank goodness I have a big family to help. This will be the largest yard sale buyout I have done I think.  The picture is of last year's sale & she said they had about 1/2 of it left over after the sale. They are expecting about the same this year. It looks like I will be busy! I love sorting through stuff so I am super excited!

I will keep the eBay items, put any furniture and large items in my own yard sale, & the rest will go to a lady who sells for me locally on commission.


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