Don't Doubt Yourself! Ebay BOLO - Dallas Cowboys Jacket

My sister used to bag up stuff she didn't want and drop it off at my house. This was in a bag of those things. I don't think it was ever worn, if it was worn it was probably just once. I hesitated quite a while before I listed it as it isn't real. It is a real NFL branded item but it is pleather. For some reason that bothered me and I kept doubting that it would sell. I just couldn't make myself list it for the longest time. NOT SMART.

I am in the process of making myself list every item I come to in storage, whether I like it, want to, in season, or not.  I put what I thought was a high price on it with free shipping. The whole time I was thinking it would be one of those items you list repeatedly before it sells. Plus it is Spring. It sold fairly quickly, $49.99 free shipping. Why didn't I just list it when I got it? 


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