Ebay Seller Arrested For Stealing Lego Sets

Did you see THIS ARTICLE in the news? (link goes to a Christian Science Monitor article but if you Google there are a lot of articles about it)

A woman in NY stole 800 Lego sets worth $60,000 from a storage facility with the intention of selling them on eBay.  It has been all over the news & online seller forums. There were others that have done the same. One of them didn't even need the money, he lives in a 2 million dollar house.

I have never had trouble finding stuff to sell. I find more stuff than I can actually list. While it isn't high end, it is still more than I can handle without passing some on to others. Even if I didn't I wouldn't steal. I just wasn't raised that way. You only get one chance at life, & your time here is short. Be someone worth remembering.


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