Why Bother To Ask?

My phone alerted today & this was in my Ebay messages:

Shopper: If I buy this right now can you get it to me by Christmas?

My answer: Yes. Our addresses are fairly close, & it ships Priority mail. This should arrive in 2-3 mailing days to you. My mail carrier doesn't pick up for another hour so if you BIN and pay right away I can even send it out today. This would give several extra days of cushion in case of postal delay.

Shopper: Great, thanks!

I jumped up and grabbed packing materials and packed it quickly while I waited for the phone to cha-ching indicating a sale.  It is still sitting here, unsold, many hours later.  I had the phone in my hand when the message came through so I know there wasn't any wait time for the shopper to get an answer. The sale isn't a big deal to me, it was a $10 item. I couldn't help but wonder why they bothered to ask though.


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