Remember Jarts? What do you think?

eBay banned Jarts years ago. I understand they were a lot of fun to play but you could get hurt easily. I have always believed that if you know the risks yet choose to buy something anyway as an adult it is on you if you get hurt. If you choose to skydive, tightrope walk, race motorcycles etc. as an adult and are injured you accept the risk.

I have a set of Jarts I picked up at a yardsale for a bit of nothing last year. I didn't list them because I didn't really know a place online that would let me. I noticed this morning that they do not seem to be banned at Bonanzle. Here is a link to the ones that have sold there, for $60-95. How do you feel about eBay banning items or selling recalled items?


Step Up To The Plate!

It is Spring! Yeah! I love the warm weather we are having here in AR. The boys have been out on Spring Break all week. I have jumped on the trampoline with them until my thighs are screaming but we had fun.We aren't the only ones outside. I have noticed an increase in outdoor sales on eBay lately.

It is time to list all of the extra warm weather stuff you have that you don't use. Most of us have some - bats, gloves, outdoor games etc. that our kids have outgrown or they never really played with to begin with. I picked up a nice pair of Nike kids baseball cleats at the thrift for $1.50 last week. They sold last night for $15.50. Even with the high fees you could never get that out of a used pair of kids shoes at a yard sale where I live. Link to the auction. Start listing yours, too!


Swiper No Swiping! Oh Man!

Fisher-Price Dora's Talking KitchenIf your kids are into Dora the Explorer you know the title phrase by heart. Here are a couple of the toys to list if you have them or to watch for at yard sales. The stuffed talking Swiper the Fox dolls are selling for $17-$40. Click to see recent completed auctions. $25-$200 (depending on condition) for the play kitchen. Click to see recent completed auctions.


It is time for a new GIVEAWAY :)

I am not fond of change. I do not like to Spring forward. I do not like to Fall back. It messes with my internal clock. I generally know about what time it is without wearing a watch. Unless the time has just changed. It has been nearly a week and I am still off. Until I get myself on back on track I have to wear a watch. To celebrate my odd quirks I am giving away free watches. 3 of you will receive one of these in the mail. To enter, subscribe to my feeds by email and let me know by comment. If you are already a subscriber just leave a message saying so. Giveaway ends Friday April 16.


Update on Bonanzle

When eBay announced the fee hike I uploaded all of my store items to Bonanzle. It was free to put them there, and the fees if something sells is awfully cheap ($0.50-$1) I wasn't expecting much, so many other have tried and failed to follow eBay. I was surprised to sell 3 items in the last month, with no other effort/listing on my part. I will continue to add items there. You can import to Craigslist too which means I can list furniture to be picked up! While 3 doesn't sound like much it is three more things than I would have sold otherwise.


Milk Glass Coffee Mugs & Cross Stitch Kits

This was a fun auction. In the past I have listed individual mugs and done well. The ones in this lot have been losers when listed individually. It happens. Shipping costs continues to rise and so very many people are struggling financially. I decided to gather all the mugs I had and list together. There were 13.  I paid $0.10 - $0.50 for each one. The auction ended at $55.00. Click here to view completed auction.

I picked up 8 new/sealed cross stitch kits at the local flea market for $1 each. Three sold for $4.99 each, (profit after fees $7.83) one for $6.79 ($4.20 profit after fees) & I have 4 more yet to sell. One didn't sell and will go in the store. Link to completed auctions. Not huge money, but it took 10 minutes for me to do the listings & pack for the 8 so I am happy. That is $12.03 for ten minutes with more yet to sell. I never include my shopping time as that is something I do for pleasure. That flea market is about 2 blocks from my home so no travel expenses either.

UPDATE:  I sold another one this afternoon for $9. Link here.


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