Unsold Auction Items - Pricing Tip

If I list an item for auction & it does not sell it is mildly frustrating. It is a waste of eBay fees and my time listing. I don't want to auction it again.  So what to do with it other than add it to the yard sale box? 
The first thing I do is take a closer look at the listing. Did I forget something? Is it in the right category? Are the pictures good enough? Then off it goes into the eBay store. With an increased price.  Often double what the minimum bid was. 
Are you saying huh? Hear me out, please. It works.

Honestly, that is what I do. There are a lot of people who just want to buy and be done. No bidding. They may use the best offer feature, and sometimes offer what my minimum bid was in the first place. I accept that with a smile.  But more often than not the offer is higher than the minimum was. I accept that with a bigger smile. There are also those that just buy it now at the full price, double what I was willing to sell for. Then I smile so big my face hurts & start packing it. 

I thought it was some crazy fluke for a while. But I have been doing it for a long time now & it works. Here is an example. This vase ended last night with no bidders at $9.99.  That is frustrating. It is by Camark, a pretty fan shaped panel vase. I increased the price to $19.99, added the best offer feature, & put it in the store. It sold today for the full asking price, $19.99. 
Don't be afraid to try it. You can always go down later in price if there really is no interest. Obviously this won't work on items that always sell in a certain range. If there are 18 in the completed section and they all sold for $10 that's what you are going to get too. I don't auction that stuff it goes into the store to begin with. But for many estate/vintage items this sort of pricing works well for me.


Kay M August 4, 2011 at 4:39 PM  

Deana, vintage pieces can be sold on Etsy for a very minimal fee. All you have to do is keep them updated. I'm not sure how the fees compare to eBay, but you may want to check into it.

Deana August 4, 2011 at 4:55 PM  

Thanks Kay. I have been looking at Etsy, & even signed up but haven't opened a store. I wondered about traffic/sell through. I have bought some wonderful homemade soaps from a seller there.

1 Buddha's Mom August 6, 2011 at 5:21 PM  

Just wanted to let you know that I cruised over here from YSQueen and am loving your web site!

Deana August 6, 2011 at 5:58 PM  

Thank you! Glad you stopped by!

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