Crazy Prices For Vintage Paper Napkins?

Happy Halloween! A few years ago it was such fun to dress my boys up as little pumpkins & puppies etc. Now they want to be yucky stuff like ninjas & zombies.  They are getting so big! Speaking of Halloween...

Have any old Halloween napkins? Look at how much they sell for!   The holiday ones are not the only ones that are collectible. Here is a link to all eBay vintage paper napkin sales. This is a CrAzY but fun thing to collect. Fun to sell, too. The easy packing/shipping is a nice bonus.


Randominities October 31, 2011 at 9:32 AM  

I love the raggedy ann and andy napkins!

Some of them looked so current. I think if I were Bounty or any other napkin company I'd take a look at eBay to see what everyone wanted and design accordingly.

Your boys are cute! I remember my girl going from being a Doctor to a Ninja Turtle. :)

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