Favorite Ebay Sales This Week

I reached 200 items in my store yesterday. That was my goal before bed. As soon as I shut off the computer I heard my phone cha-ching that I had a sale and logged back in to see what it was. It was the apple bowls below, that had only been listed a few hours. Here are my 3 favorite sales this week:

These 4 Home Interior Apple Orchard Bowls sold for $39.99.  

Vintage Nursery Sheep Planter $17.99


Knickerbocker Raggedy Ann in rough condition $10 - don't automatically throw things away because they aren't perfect!

The bowls were $8 & had only been listed a few hours. The planter was $1, & the Raggedy Ann was in that lot from an earlier post. I have long since recouped my money from that stuff so my cost was $0 for that one. I had some other sales, some great but a couple of duds I was glad to just get my money/fees back out of. We all buy duds sometimes, just part of the buisness.

I also had someone buy a cake pan then say it was "computer error" that she didn't mean to win it. A check of her bidding history revealed she made offers on 2 identical pans. They were both accepted, and so she wanted to back out. I let her, but grrrr at least be honest!


Anonymous January 17, 2012 at 11:32 PM  

What is the advantage of having a store rather than separaate listings from your perspective?
It seems to take me a long time to post items for sale----and like you I have my regular job as well.

Deana January 18, 2012 at 8:15 AM  

I think there are several. I can list any time I have the time to - no more waiting until Tuesday or Thursday night (the nights I always did best on auction.) If the item is common you know from the completed searches how to price - so I price slightly higher with a best offer option. You will be surprised how many people buy and don' t bother making an offer! Also I still do auctions if the item is rare etc but I think the "lure" of the online auction is over. Everyone is busy & doesn't want to wait for the end. They want to buy it and be done. Thanks for visiting!

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